Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Silver Wedding Anniversary

Today is our 25th/Silver Wedding Anniversary!!!

Wow!!!  and Julie Townsend said it would never

Here's the fruit/wedding cake I just iced, family are coming over on Sunday for afternoon tea and I have friends who love fruit cake and then there's me, I love fruit cake it's big but it will get eaten....  :D

We went away last weekend, down south for about 3 hours to Nannup, where we stayed at a bed and breakfast we had been to 17 years ago. We went to the coast, to wineries, breweries, ice creameries, chocolate factories and to a jeweller.

Hubby bought me this beautiful metal art, the African Princess, which I have loved for months and have even painted my own version of her, by Inge Giebeler.

This is the silver ring he bought me from John Miller Designs in Yallingup:

Secrets to surviving (lol) 25 years....apart from the basics of good communication, never going to bed angry.....eating dinner together every night, going out on date nights, giving the other person space and room to do their own thing - hubby loves motorbikes and I love art - so he goes off and rides his bike and I'll stay home and paint, now and again we'll go off on the bike together and have breakfast or lunch out and look in a small town art gallery.


  1. Congratulations! Love the ring :)

  2. Congratulations, Michelle. You must have married very young.


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