Thursday, 27 December 2012

Catching Up

It's been a couple of weeks since my last blog post as I've been a little busy.  How 'bout you? So I thought I'd show you what I've been up to since then...

I started a new painting - Shell's Shell - still a work in progress...or maybe it's needs some bling colours and maybe some confetti dots too...

I'm organising the Fly Tribe Word Hop 2013 - everyone is welcome to join in - so if you choose one word to be your theme word for 2013 and you blog about how it will impact your life then I would love for you to leave a link to your blog on the Word Hop blog post on Jan 6th.

I've been busy with my family and baking some fruit mince pies...

Kangaroos came to visit...

I got my hair cut...

I'll be back in a couple of days with my Reflections of 2012 blogpost to wrap the year up and then we are on to 2013!!!

Love and hugs to you all, thanks for reading.


  1. Hi Shell,
    I always love catching up on your artwork... Shell's Shell looks amazing already! Here's to a very creative and happy new year to you!
    Susie xx
    PS I'm hoping to join in on the word hop... just waiting for the word to hit me in the face or for it to quietly whisper to my heart.

  2. Love the new shell painting :)

  3. Love the new painting and the new hairdo! How awesome to live where kangaroos drop by! Still working on my word for 2013. Happy New Year!


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