Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Wednesday Workshop

Have just been to my Wednesday mixed media workshop with Neil Elliott and I worked some more on last week's Streetscape 3 and started Streetscape 4.

All 4 Streetscapes together...

We all stood around oooing and aahing at Liz's painting - she's on the left.

This is Liz And Neil with the same painting a few weeks ago.

My order of cool colours of Golden paints arrived on Monday so  played with them on watercolour paper and on Tuesday I rolled on another layer of warm colours then turned them into bookmarks by stamping them and cutting them out and will then laminate them and punch a hole in them and add a tassel...make great gifts...

Hope you are having a great arty week.


  1. Hello lovely!!! Just want to tell you how in love with with your streetscapes.

  2. Hi Michelle, Your streetscapes look really lovely! And the bookmarks look very delightful. What a great idea. Wishing you a happy and creative week!


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