Thursday, 28 July 2011

Affordable Art Sale

Over this weekend I will have the following paintings for sale at the Affordable Art Sale at State of the Art in Glen Forrest 10am - 2pm.

I will be at Mundaring Sharing over the weekend doing a live painting demo, I'm just gonna go paint - little nervous about this as it's my first time but I think it will go ok.  Except for the weather, at the moment it's bucketing down here in the Perth hills and the weather bureau predict showers all weekend.  The organisers of the Mudaring Truffle Festival are expecting/hoping for 22,000 people and we are hoping a few of those people pop into the community centre to look and buy some local art and crafts.

Have a great weekend and I'll let you know how I go next week.  :D


  1. These are beautiful. I hope you did well at the sale. When I lived in the states I did some of that and it often can be a mixed bag. Particularly in a down economy. Nonetheless, I still think people want to surround themselves with things they love, things that speak to them, that resonate.


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