Saturday, 15 August 2015

My New Buzz Cut

This week it was time to cut my hair off. It had become thin and scraggly, there was a lot on my comb and a lot on the bathroom floor too, so I decided it was time. There were no tears and no party as I imagined it to be, just hubby and I having a good time!! This is my favourite photo taken by my husband of me feeling my buzz cut for the first time. Love that feeling!!

Here's some before, during and after photos:

I ordered some caps to wear:

At the moment I'm feeling quite good, have recovered from the stem cell harvest and go into hospital for the transplant process on the 25th Aug - 11th Sept.

Take care, I'll be back next week with some girls I've created in Guada's Exploring Watercolor Portraits class.


  1. Hey there Michelle! Glad you are feeling well!

  2. I was just thinking of you. Good luck with the transplant. So glad to see you here.


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