Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Myeloma Update and ICAD 2015

Myeloma update: Last Thursday I developed a pain in my ribs on my left hand side, on my back. It was a steady pain then it would get worse and then there would be shooting pain. Anyhow I went to the hospital on Saturday afternoon after spending Friday night on the recliner as I was more comfortable there than in bed. The doctor sorted out my pain medication and I went home on Sunday afternoon. I did have an x-ray taken, they are looking for a lesion - where the cancer has 'eaten' away at the bone - causing bone pain but have found nothing and I may need a CT scan. I have been pain free since Tuesday lunchtime but this morning my rash has returned. :(

This is me on April 1st before I began treatment and on July 1st - the moon face is from the steroids I take.

Index Card A Day 2015 Update:
Day 28
I really liked this page from an old book that I had brayered paint onto especially the title "What Every Woman Knows". Then I found this quote - "Time has a wonderful way of showing us what really matters". How true.

Index Card A Day 2015 - the aim is to create a little piece of art on an index card, everyday for 61 days.  Here are my first 30 days/cards.

Day 29 and 30

Days 19 - 27

Days 9 - 18

Hope everything is going well with you in your life.


  1. May you be blessed in your recovery!

  2. Michelle, I admire how open and honest you are about sharing such a difficult journey. Bravo to you and I will remember and smile at your "moon face" on tomorrows full moon. Hoping that the pain stays away. It's been a tough time I'm sure, but I hope you are making headway, certainly lovely to see you are still busy making and creating beautiful works of art. Sending love and hugs your way.

  3. No good about the pain! But you are amazing and resilient and still creating - a wonderful inspiration to us all! Sending love

  4. Thinking of you and sending hugs.


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