Saturday, 8 June 2013

Brittany, France

On Wednesday, June 5th we travelled by ferry from Portsmouth in the south of England to Cherbourg, in Normandy France. The English Channel was relatively calm and I had no seasickness.

From Cherbourg we rode to Utah Beach, the site of the D-Day/Normandy invasion, 69 years ago on June 6th 1944.

From there we rode to our Bed and Breakfast in St Carreuc, Brittany.  Normandy was cloudy and cold but Brittany was sunny.

On Thursday we rode out to the forest in the west then headed north to the Pink Granite Coast and travelled along there to some of the bays such as Penevan, the Isle of Brehat and Brehec.

Today, Friday 7th June, we rode out to the Dinan, a fortified historical city.  We walked around the cobblestone streets, through the arty area, had a crepe/galette for lunch and then went to a museum/house of the artist Yvonne Jean-Haffen, ‘maison d’artiste de la Grande vigne’.  The day started out sunny and warm but by the time we headed home a thunderstorm had rolled in and this was a good time to test out the wet weather gear.

And here's a selfie pic of me in my new bike jacket which has a great thermal liner and is waterproof - an excellent touring jacket.

Au Revoir!!

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